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Well a year has passed since the last blog .....

It's October and the wind is howling outside and the trees are shedding in the Edinburgh autumnal shakedown !!
Springtime was full of wedding planning, first round of weddings, birthdays, kilts being let out and taken in, shortened, remade,moth damaged  then proms, graduations, bespoke special weaves, tweed and leather  kilts, dancers kilts, school kilts,  among the multitude of events all requiring kilt work in various form. 
Summer was fun at Coburg House, where my studio, is based. We had the first of our biannual open studios and it was fab the place was buzzing we are part of Edinburgh festival so it's taking our audience to an even further global reach every year which I love as peeps from all over the world show immense interest in the craft and work of my job as a kiltmaker here in leith.
Now for autumn.. the September weddings got very lucky as the Saturdays were mostly bright and sunny - here in Scotland we do get all the seasons in one day but the sun has definitely been mostly on the generous side. 
I'm piled up with alterations, repairs, lots of restoration work and playing catch up so Hay kilt you are next....

Massive apologies from this busy Edinburgh 

I really hoped to blog much more and I will try to😀

Rosekilts has had a very busy summer with lots of weddings, proms, graduation, Edinburgh festival, open studios at Coburg House and back to  School kilts it's been  a lot of fun meeting really great people and loving the enthusiasm when someone puts a kilt on for the first time !
The next batch of kilts are birthday treats, 18, 21, 30 +++++.
I have also been very involved with moth repairs, lots of invisible mending and kilt rips and torn up kilts caught on chairs - actually those metal seats at  stadiums seems  to be the main culprits! 
It's busy at Coburg House so if any of you arrange an appointment please call first so I can let you into our building which has lots of studios 
Back to a lovely Irish tartan kilt I  am altering, from a wonderful gent I have had the pleasure of making and repairing many kilts for  over the years 😀
Have a great day from sunny, windy Edinburgh xx

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